sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011

Grief, Linda.

We had a photo shoot with Tim and Linda. We were supposed to shoot at a farm with sheep's but we were too afraid, even tho we called the owners and they assured that we had nothing to worry about.
Here's some pictures of  Linda.

torstai 25. elokuuta 2011


Last night we had a great photo shoot with Celia&Niklas! Niklas was helping me with the reflector and he also took few pics. Celia was awwwwsome. And the light was so gorgeous, that I'm gonna die happy just thinking about it!

I made a facebook-page for my pictures, you can like it here:

torstai 11. elokuuta 2011


ps ps ps photographer and the model UNDERRRRR the rainbow! 

Under the rainbow etc. Today was awesome, sunflowers and rainbows and pretty ladies!